Caught Sniffing Panties


Taking a step back, we all know a whole lot about sniffing of clothes. It is a good old time trick, though it is still used. For now, I am alright with the use of this technique, by individuals living in areas where water is scarce. Unfortunately, you find that individuals who live in well-watered areas, are still embracing this good old time trick, regularly. Sniffing of clothes is usually aimed at covering up of one’s laziness, or one who is bummed out as fuck, with no guts or hope, of doing damn stupid laundry. Worry less, I won’t go into details, as to whose clothes are being sniffed. However, the situation of sniffing clothes escalates, especially when one is on a constant streak, of having fun filled night outs. But the question is, would you sniff pants, underpants to be specific, for a sake of finding out if still clean? What happens, if it turns into a habit of sniffing pants, including pants which are not yours?

Much as I love erasing societies’ lines of norms, and making these lines very blurry every single day that swings by, I am aware, the good old time trick of sniffing clothes, doesn’t apply, to someone else’s undergarments. Even though individuals are in an unhealthy so close relationship, I don’t expect one, to randomly sniff the other’s pants. However, thanks, be to a fact that we humans, are still part of nature; well, I would like to think so. And as far as nature is concerned, there are always exceptions.

Speaking of underpants, I find it strange and interesting, when a someone is offended, upon hearing the word underwear. Sadly, these individuals prefer to hear, undergarments. Yes, I know, the latter sounds kind of cool, and sophisticated. I guess I will offer credit to the fucked up arsehole, who was suffering from lack of shit to do, and invented synonyms. Not only have synonyms created confusion within hearts of many, but these delusional words termed as synonyms, have crossed lines, reaping out souls, from various languages.

On a bright side, what would you do, if you found someone sniffing your undergarments? Perhaps flattered, if drown to that person, and if not, a restraining order, sounds appropriate. Worry less, and applauds of appreciation, go out to free genitaling.  With free genitaling, one doesn’t have to worry about their panties being sniffed, by another. However, since of lately we are also embracing sexuality in varying degrees of humanity, many are continuing to accept fetishes. Gladly, pantie sniffing ranks among the top ten. This is making used panties profitable, turning it into a global great business out there.

It isn’t unusual to find individuals in a relationship with differing preferences. But, the question remains: what would you do, if you found your significant other, sniffing your panties? Spicing up the situation, what if it was a stack of unknown used panties? Alright, what would you do, if you were the one found, and the other, had no idea, about your dirty fun filled secret?

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