Out of Ideas


No, and a firm NO: I am not out of ideas, so pimp the living hell down. But the thing is, have you ever been there and your mind is blank as fuck? I am sure that is not the right simile, but you get what I am driving at. It is so sad, many creatures with warm blood flowing through their veins, and pretending to belong to the human race, fail to accept and embrace the fact: occasionally, one totally runs out of ideas, no matter how crazy or weird, they are. It perhaps has to do with robbed pride and prestige, which many carry around, with tremendous happiness. Indeed, it is very unfortunate, for I to be typing it out.

Many great thinkers and creatures have twiddled the damn planets for centuries, and many have seized to exist. Not necessarily in terms of living, but in the world of new cool ideas to come up with. Unfortunately, a few of these retarded creators, fail to accept a fact, that they are out of ideas, and deserve a time out. I know, it isn’t an easy think, but one deserves to always check themselves, and understand, who truly they are, and where they stand, in terms of new creations.

As a scientist, researcher, blogger and vlogger, there are times when I have absolutely nothing, to offer to the rest of my fellow members of the human race. Sometimes, I insist, making it a personal mission, to at least come up with something. Unfortunately, times such as those, shit that I come up with, turns out to be super shitty. With time, I have come to accept that I can also run out of ideas. This has enabled I, to give myself time, to evaluate and reevaluate the idea, or ideas which might spring up. This at times calls for I being up in my head for long, and surprisingly, it has proven to be effective.

However, there is this frustrating instance, when which ever idea you come up with, it has already been thought of, and in existence for some good time. I know, such instances really suck, but this should be a source of inspiration, as one is made aware, that they are not alone, in terms of thinking that way. It could also be a source of motivation, and advancing on that idea, to enable progress of the human race.

When one is out of ideas, many are advised to take a step back, or step into a mystical happy place, to be enlightened. Well, the beach has proven to be effective for I, although I often end up having beach fun, if the weather permits. Simply because you haven’t yet come up with a solid good idea, and it has been a while, it doesn’t mean that you become a sucker, and quit. I am aware, it isn’t an easy thing to persevere through, but one needs to hold on. Accepting and embracing resulting awkwardness, will make you feel better, enabling one, to get back, out there: Just like how I ended up with this damn post.

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