Self-Pleasuring BS


I am sick and fed up of hearing all this bullshit and nonsense uttered out loud, about masturbating. From an altered life perspective, we were uplifted by porn, which enabled our receiving of masturbating wisdom. Unfortunately, like any other form of offered wisdom, it appears, we simply tossed masturbating wisdom through the window, and up high, into the damn skies. It is such a shame, we are abandoning a form of humanness, grilled deeply into our cores. This is nothing other than accepting and appreciating sexuality, displayed in our daily lives.

Not to condone violence, but self-proclaimed moralists are to be held responsible. These individuals deserve to be grabbed harshly, and pinned to the ground, making them aware of crimes they have committed, against humanity. Sadly, many of these self-proclaimed moralists forget about a very essential law of the natural order: Energy must be released, in one form or another, once there is excitement. If this energy isn’t released, chaos and disaster, which are nature’s best way of expending energy, are the ultimate outcome.

Seriously, as members belonging to the intelligent human race, we should be skeptical about information we encounter. Lately, I have been hearing from differing forums and platforms, discouraging people to indulge in self-exploring. Effects such as loss of sexuality, denied pleasure from another partner, orgasming quickly, taking long to climax. Wait a damn minute, are the last two effects contradicting each other? Indeed, they are, and that is where you my dear come in.

One very important thing that many people forget is that, as humans, we are still surviving and thriving on this goddammit planet, mainly because of differences within ourselves. Simply because a something caused negative effects for someone, that doesn’t make that something pure evil. Plus, trying to stop humans from self-pleasuring, is one demented evil route, one shouldn’t dare take. We shouldn’t abandon traits that make us humans, humans. Have you ever thought of why humans walk on two limbs, living other two limbs free? You my dear, deserve to perform a self-check, and rediscover, who on this damned bloody earth you are; you may be doing it all wrong.

Also, just because you are not into something, it doesn’t offer you full rights, to ruin it for others, as well as condemning it. Yeah, I am also not interested in listening to you bubble out nothing but bullshit. This reminds I of a time, when two sweet and lovely “missionaries” knocked at my door.

Missionaries: Hello, are you interested in hearing about the word of our savior, the creator of heavens and universes?

Joseph: Sure, I am. Come in, and afterwards, I shall also interest you in my porn collection.

It turned out, neither party was interested in the other’s shit. And they condemned my collection. How dare they? But I kept my cool, thanks be to that day’s earlier on self-pleasuring. Calm, humbled, delighted, and enlightened, is how they found I.

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