Cadaver Architect: 4 of 11

Cheers of misery,
Sprung within, souls and hearts
Of all those who lived
Those who never knew, or heard of
The Architect
Had to reconsider their destiny
Joys of loneliness, surrounded their deeds
They had to know,
The Cadaver Architect
Her uniqueness, presence and image
Impacted soils of planets, around planets
Everything born on the planets,
Or resided the planets, had no option
But everything, had a chance, to know
The Architect, or be destroyed
An aspirer of those,
Currently residing on mars
Another home,
The Architect predicted
To hold life, for a chosen and selected few
Details vanished, on the bleached script
The script, which had it all
The Cadaver Architect, still inspires many

Captured Life Insights from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Accessed in several stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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