Shady Night Out


A heck of craziness occurs daily, without glimpses of scheduled breaks. And when one gets some free time, it does so never correspond with another someone nearby. This leaves many with an option of having a night in, with their eyes fixed unto a screen, watching others having fun. Some individuals tend to be creative, by getting laundry done, and cleaning around the house. That is all good. However, there is always that one event you have always dreamt of attending. It could be a concert or album launch, of a favorite artist; or a comedian, you adore to the tooth. Trouble comes, and you absolutely have no one to go with. This isn’t unusual, in this damned twenty-first century. In such a situation, one is left with a couple of shit to choose from: desperately beg a someone to go with you, hook up with a random stranger to go with, pay someone for their time, quit going, or embrace awkwardness, and go all by yourself.

I am not quite sure as to whether it has to do with the buddy system for security purposes, or people are simply shy, and never wanting to be perceived as weird loners? Well, I am aware of the evolutionary trait, that humans are social creatures, thus humans constantly prefer to be in company, rather than by themselves in a crowd. Fortunately, instincts sometimes do kick in, overwriting a natural occurrence. Thanks goodness, I am one of a kind, who can’t skip doing something, say going to a concert I have logged on for so long, simply because, I have no one to go with. As of now, since the year began, I have attended three concerts, all by myself, and I admit, they were fun. To elaborate, one of those concerts, I desperately wanted to attend, but my girlfriend at the time, had work. For another concert, I was with family, but none of them were interested in the artist. Whilst for the third concert, I just never bothered to ask around, if anyone wanted to go with I.

Having a break off from life, to have a fun filled night out, shouldn’t be filled with complications or rehearsed excuses. Also, while going out, one should dress to feel good, rather than what others will think of them. Of course, I don’t expect to show up at a child’s party dressed in a stripper costume. Since I often attend late night parties, I don’t expect on this bloody earth, for a child’s party, to be scheduled for late in the night. In case it does, all I feel, is a series of signaling caution red lights.

Since we are on this virtue of embracing awkwardness, anytime you feel like going out on a late night but luck someone to go with, brave up and go by yourself. You shouldn’t be worried of being spotted as being a loner. Strive as much as you can, to have a good time, and fun to a fullest. Better yet, if you can’t handle being by yourself, initiate a conversation with a someone, or people you find at the venue, after all, you already have something you share. Clinging unto shyness and fearing to be perceived as weird, awkward or a loner, will rob you off, lots of happiness.


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