Cadaver Architect: 3 of 11

Mornings and evenings,
I whisper words of gratitude, praise
And love, to her: The one and one
The Architect, a greatest of the great
An elite, who reigned the elite of the elite
Some of her works, thrive through I
An elite researcher,
She designed and transformed
Motivation, inspiration, insights,
And protection, The Architect still offers
To The Architect, I cry,
Cries of greatness, she offered unto I
Fame, I too achieved
I was praised, it was all her doing
The Architect, was with I
Laughs of sadness, perspired through,
Blowing winds from the North, South,
East and West, as they all converged
Objects ascended, swaying trees halted
It must have been a sign from her
The Architect,
The only Cadaver Architect, who still motivates

Captured Life Insights from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Accessed in several stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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