Open Sex Conversations

Since we are pushing towards having sex education included in every school curriculum, it makes sense, that adults too, need to talk more about sex. This is crucial, more so when a someone is in a relationship. I am fed up of hearing different coined terms for penises and vaginas, especially vaginas: Vagina, vagina, vagina. Adults need to grab decisions by tits, and spill out what is at mind. In case your partner isn’t doing it right, in a way you prefer, smack them on the butt, and tell them a firm hell no. A pat on the back or shoulder, will take you places, creating room to initiate a dialogue. It completely makes no sense, to continue having floppy sex, if you can do something about it.

I am aware, it isn’t an easy thing, telling a dear someone, they suck in bed. Well, technically, that wouldn’t be rightly stated, since sex can also be done underwater. Don’t ask I for details, get creative and explore the sex world out there. However, there is no way you can get to explore, if there is no sex dialogue, with the other party involved. Again, technically, I haven’t stated it right, it could be multiple parties involved; but you get the damn vibe. It is truly an amazing and adventurous sex world out there.

A lot of blame is to be placed on societies we live in. These societies are sadly invested with demented self-proclaimed moralists, who continue to rob away happiness of many, all in a name of good behaviors and morals. Taking a closer look at these individuals, they turn out to be low self-esteemed victims, scared to step out of their comfort zones, and get to appreciate change. Being shy and conserved, also play a lousy role, in this nature of paranoid delusions. However, I have a thinking, if sex conversations are encouraged within societies we live in, many individuals will benefit, and appreciate openness, thereby placing shyness, on a back banner.

Years have rolled through space, and I still can’t get a complete grasp on individuals who remain in sexless relationships. It is all good, if parties involved are alright with it, but if one of the parties involved isn’t okay with it, talk about it, or cut your losses, and try your talents elsewhere. We need to embrace awkwardness  around us, as we appreciate aspects of life, in fullness.

Thanks, be to endurance training, constant pounding and grinding for three hours straight, is thrilling and exciting for I, but may be tormenting for another, who could be involved. Also, definitions as to what one means, as far as sex is concerned, differ. For example, in a delusional world I frequent, a sex quickie should last for about twenty minutes. I was proved wrong, and smacked hard on the back of the head, accompanied with a loud scream of hell no.

It is no surprise, that differences reside within us, among aspects of life, and sex is no exception. The only way we can get hold of, and settle these differences, is by letting others know, what goes on in our minds, and not simply keeping it to ourselves, with hope that the other will figure it out with time. You my dear, a damn wrong: a lot happens daily, leaving little room to contemplate, about what others think, given that they seem happy.

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