Cadaver Architect: 1 of 11

Carefully, I crawled out, watched it all happen
I am, her last achievement, her last creation
The last creation, which actually succeeded
And survived
The one, based off an original script,
A script, she brilliantly designed
Flawless, the script was,
Until one day, a bastard of her assistant
Bleached parts of the script,
And errors resulted
Causing her true last, to malfunction
The true last,
Never survived early testing stages
Testing stages formulated and designed,
By a Cadaver Architect herself
The true last, was to be,
The Architect’s master piece
The best of all her state of the arts
Sophisticated, and very advanced
It had to be, a dominator of worlds,
As anticipated, by The Architect
Everyone, was to be happy
Misery and sorrow, were to be smashed,
As she envisioned
Only true happiness, was to prevail
Throughout the planets,
And universes, as well
Fortunately, to present day,
The Cadaver Architect, still envisions

Pulled from Ricocheting Regrets available in

your favorite online store and library

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