Smacked Obsession


Halt for a minute, is it just I, or does anyone else do this shit: suddenly fall in for a song, get obsessed with the song; then listen to it over and over, and over again, till you are suddenly fade up with the damn thing. Of course, as of now, the beautiful melody and lyrics one greatly enjoyed, and spent hours listening to, perhaps even mumbling along with, turned into a “damn thing”; really? And it doesn’t matter whether the song has just recently hit the media, or an oldie, which one has realized that, it is cool. The song, could be because of it’s amazing lyrics, spectacular melody and instrumental, or simply because, a someone you greatly admire, loves the damn song, and they told you to listen to it.

It is surprisingly interesting when it comes to the world of music. I am one of a kind, who pretty much never re-watches crap such as movies or shows. But when it comes to music and especially live music, I can re-watch a clip over and over. Let I hope it completely has nothing to do with an infection which is drilling through lives of many: getting easily discouraged, or no time to waste. Spending minutes or hours, re-watching say a movie, which I already know of its plot, act and outcome, is useless. There is plenty of shit I need to grab my hands on. And no, I am not one of a kind who easily loses concentration. But if something is not worth my time, I am out. Spending my time wisely, is something which I have come to embrace and learn, over the years I have twiddled the damn planet, while interacting with various human species.

Strange as it is, or as it sounds, we humans deserve to be sub-categorized into different species. I had to ensure that I added a “we”, reminding myself of still being a human, although I have been called a robot on several accounts. I am still trying to wrap my brain about being called a robot, debating as to whether, I should take it as a complement, or a personal deduction. But when it comes to the world of music, obviously, humans occur in various species. However, this still doesn’t help I understand, as to why, I suddenly cling unto a song, especially its lyrics, only to fade out with time. At first, I used to think, it may have to do with what is happening in a life, I am claiming to live. Fortunately, I realized, song lyrics stack in my head, had nothing to do with whatever life shit that was happening. Well, there are certain songs I have attached to certain situations: songs such as those of encouragement and motivation, or songs which help I think of someone.

Much as in most cases I prefer to standout and encourage many to embrace life crap and shit which happens daily, I at times need some back up, to know that I am not alone. It doesn’t matter who in the bloody heavens you are, at least, in a while, one needs to know that it isn’t only them, with queer tendencies.

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