Rocking Devil: 6 of 8

Recurring new seasons came
With blowing winds, sowing occurred
Harvesting giants arrived, yields were counted,
And profits were shared
Here I sat, crossing my fingers and toes
Looking for nutritional facts, on a tequila bottle
Recapturing a past, long gone
I still felt it
Deep within I, crushing my poor bones
Lasting impressions, the Rocking Devil left
I wished it was forever, and it never let go
I felt my full potential, and new challenges
I was determined, to take on and smash
A sludge hummer, was of no use, my hands
Were well equipped and strengthened
Effects of the wet hug,
Which I recieved from the Rocking Devil
Began unveiling: slowly, steadily, and persistently
Another eleventh hour, was approaching
I knew well, I had been here before
Except this time, it was all different
A genuine smile, was fixed firmly
Onto my stupid fucked up face
With my eyes tweaking back and forth
My soul and heart, were restored as I expected
By a devil, and not any kind of devil,
A rocking one
Applauds of great thanks, be to the Rocking Devil,
I was a human, with a smile, and whole again
To the Rocking Devil, I glorified and praised

Scooped from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Available in electronic and audio formats in several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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