You’re Replaceable


We all want to be perceived as unique and special. This goes along with being treasured and appreciated, in every life aspect which we take part in. Sadly, and in most cases, this starts off from one’s childhood, and it is deeply instilled in a child, as being a special kind of somebody. Twenty-seven now, wait, shit; it is twenty-eight now, and I still have not come across a parent who admits, they have such a one ugly baby. And no, I am not confessing to not liking babies, but when those tiny humans start to scream, noise reduction headsets have proven to be a lifesaver. However, I come to admit, it is always a good feeling, to be cherished and praised by those in proximity, especially those who matter. Others in a failed community, are a bonus. Indeed, it is truly an interesting life we plan to live.

It is sad, when one gets to be prideful and proud, thinking that in whatever they do, they are the only ones who do it best. Yes, I am aware, it is good for one to praise themselves at what they do, as that feels one with extra confidence. Besides, if you don’t have pride in whatever hell you do, or yourself, who then in the bloody heavens, will have it for you? But it comes as no surprise, no matter how good you may be, say in a relationship or something you do, you my sweet dear, are replaceable. Accept the fact, and embrace resulting awkwardness, as you dive into this twenty-first century reality. And oh please, don’t be a shithead and start mumbling out how one’s parents are irreplaceable. Well, I don’t think you will need to be squirted out again, so pipe the living hell down a notch.

Throughout authentic literature and history, it is well-known, great personnel have resided this planet earth, but they are no more. Yes, they brought forth a lot of shit and changes, which have made life way easier, compared to medieval ages. Fortunately, many great minds are in existence, and others on a rise. So, you my dear, if you are being a total trailing shithead to a dear someone, thinking you are irreplaceable, you are dead wrong. Take a moment and think of the time that someone was never with you. And in a reverse, you my sweet little angel, who thinks that a someone is the only one meant for you, you are living life in a wrong way, and are screwed.

Although being replaceable doesn’t sound quite pleasant into ears of many, let’s think about it: Imagine a life without options? Typing the latter makes my fingers shiver a bit. For I know, in case that happens, only misery shall be witnessed in people’s lives. It isn’t easy, but if we all agree, that we are replaceable, a lot of crap would instantly be solved: That someone who knows that you greatly admire and appreciate their existence, they will come around, and get to be all up in your genitals.

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