Rocking Devil: 5 of 8

Black roses, I sniffed, covered entrance
Of the Rocking Devil’s chamber
I had seen very enticing roses before,
Roses healthily grown and well maintained
But these were wickedly different: strangely beautiful,
With a unique pageant appearance, at home, I felt
In the center, the Rocking Devil stood
One leg front, and another slightly to the back
Sluttily dressed, with daring pleasure sparks
Indeed, it was worth a wait
No more boring days, awaited my soul
Souls often uttered out unforgettable days,
This was mine, a day I could remember
In great details, of everything which occurred
I had entered its chambers, but that wasn’t,
The only thing, I could be entering on that day
I needed a little bit, of a Rocking Devil in I
Since there is no forever
Yes, it is approved,
And certified through rocking ages:
Everything falls apart, moving closer to extinction
I couldn’t waste any more time
Too long I walked in a dark atmosphere alone
Whatever decision my eyes made, my brains,
Thoughts and the rest of the body
Were more than willing, to back them up
That day, marked a new chapter of a book
I was later on, to live, embrace and regret
A Rocking Devil, had welcomed I,
Into a place, where its panties lived!

Scooped from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Available in electronic and audio formats in several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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