Rocking Devil: 4 of 8

So blessed I was, on a day we met
With wide opened arms, the Rocking Devil
Invited I into its Persian decorated chambers
A wet hug, and soft cheek kisses planted gently,
I received upon arrival, into the chambers
Very comforting, I warmly felt
I had just been welcomed, by a devil
Though tempting, it wasn’t your usual devil
But, one of a kind, different than what our forefathers
And sorcerous ever predicted, or anticipated
Our foremothers, never took part
This should have been my very first warning
A Rocking Devil, it was, and I interacted with
I have to admit, it was a good encounter
A better feeling, than what I highly expected
For a second time, true happiness flooded my body
Accompanied with an orgasmic twitch of thoughts
Worries I had, sailed far away, and out of reach
I could see the tip of my nose, I sadly caressed it
To ensure, it belonged to I
There was no point, I could no longer feel much
Feelings I had, were turned off and abandoned
A life I was destined to, was no ordinary one
Events which occurred, and I experienced,
Were different than those of other human species
A special kind of twisted human, I was
This is how it had to be
I desperately logged on for a change
I kept saying to myself
“Everything happens for a reason”
A stupid old time saying, occupying
Free space, that wasn’t truly free
I later had to pay in tokens, tokens of evil deeds
All this, I had to put aside,
I was in the Rocking Devil’s Chambers

Scooped from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Available in electronic and audio formats in several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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