Why Adults Should Have Sex:

Sadly, having sex within adults, is still considered shameful by some. Tremendous awkwardness rises, during incidences which involve sexual maneuvers. It is strange, such a thing still occurs in this twenty-first century, with all the sex education that adults should have gone through, accompanied with sexualizing pretty much everything. As of now, anything within proximity can be sexualized, cheering up lives of many. Not forgetting about the adult industry, sex toys and equipment circulating within us, we must embrace resulting sexual awkwardness, and learn to appreciate, the pleasure and beauty of sex. The last I checked, humans are among the known two species which have sex for pleasure. Apart from sex being for pleasure, there are other commonly ignored instances and aspects, which signal as to why, CONSENTING ADULTS, should fuck the hell out of each other, and learn how to embrace, resulting awkwardness. Without further due, here are a few other reasons, as to why you should get some sex.

Starting with a not so obvious: Biological factor: Since we are composed of a series of connected systems that deserve to be “refreshed” regularly for continued body functioning and signaling, one’s sexual systems must not be forgotten about. And no, I am not returning a discarded evolutional theory of “Use and Disuse”; but the thing is, one needs to let out “old” sexual fluids so that new fluids are formed.

Exercise: Even if it is to dry hump someone for a good amount of time, enough calories can be lost, accompanied with muscle and tendon stretching and alignment. Since not many are into literal exercising,  turning to a pleasurable form of exercising, is a way to go. Simply keep spicing the sex up, with new positions and angles, for more fun.

Stress: Since truly consented sex is a pleasurable thing, good bodily fluids flooded with excitatory hormones and neurotransmitters are released, creating a euphoric state. This relaxes an individual, reducing stress. A less stressed person, stands higher chances of thinking and reasoning clearer and better, thereby improving life.

Cranky: Sort of goes a long with being slightly stressed, but a cranky someone, should get themselves some sex. One should not be ashamed of wanting to have sex, so that they can feel alive again, or simply cheer themselves up.

Recreation: Ever felt bored and suffering from luck of shit to do? Sex is a perfect activity for you my dear. Good amazing sex lasts for a good time, accompanied with all the mess created. And if you are one lucky dirty bastard, wetness too is created. Thereafter, there will be reorganizing and cleaning, hence no longer suffering from luck of shit to do.

Love for adventure: Bodies we own, are meant to be explored, and taken through a variety of ventures. Well, thanks be to masturbating wisdom, one may be vast with their own body, but there is a need for one to find more about other bodies.

Socializing: Sex buddies isn’t a new thing sweetie. Also, there are instances when one is not interested in little chit chat, yet they need company. Why the hell not just fuck each other’s brains out, for heaven’s sake?

Strengthening relationships: Makeup sex is a fucken great thing. Many testimonies have been bore, and many more, are yet to be heard. A few may claim that sex isn’t everything: true, it is the only thing, without it, hardly can a relationship last “forever”.

Motivation: There is that strange driving force which pushes a someone, when they are expecting to get a good fucking. Tasks tend to be finished within time, and tremendous energy is witnessed.

Reality: Yeah, you look great, now I want to know how the hell you truly taste like. That sounds not so good into ears of many, but since many aspects of life are daily sexualized, better get some sex, and get back to your senses.

Much as I encourage adults to keep whoring, dry humping and penetrating each other or be penetrated, I keep and continue to emphasize aspects of consent, safe sex, and avoiding tiny humans which are meant to ruin fun.

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