Rocking Devil: 1 of 8

Life is blissful and charming, when staring
At something one truly adores and loves
Effortless hope and inspiration, are provided
One is equipped with motivation,
To carry on a task, they never thought they could
Strength felt, is well gathered
And momently up to full capacity
One nods: All is well, and all is fine
At peace, one gracefully smiles and laughs
A feeling, for so long, I logged on, and waited for
I knew a day and time were to arrive
It wouldn’t matter, and I wouldn’t mind
Where it all came from, or who arrived
All I ever needed, was I
To become whole again, a human, and a great one
Faithfulness, worthiness, and trust I lost before
Could be restored, through a revelation
I had to be patient, and wait a little longer
Unfortunately, hours and days bet I out,
They were both longer than before
Unexpected days seemed to be added
It was a whole new calendar system
Did Mayans screw up again?
I wasn’t sure any more, how long I could hold on
But one thing I was sure of,
Something was to come . . .

Scooped from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Available in electronic and audio formats in several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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