Embracing Sluts

I have been called a slut once, okay twice, alright; shut it, the number doesn’t really matter. But the interesting fact is that, those who called I a slut, we had never even tasted each other’s tongue. I wonder as to how they suddenly drew that conclusion? Perhaps it has to do with I always appreciating goodness when I see it. It is a pretty messed up world out there, as acts of goodness, niceness, kindness or compliments are misperceived. To suddenly compliment a stranger on a street, is considered weird by many. This could simply be complimenting their general outlook, or taking a closer look at say their amazing hair style. I am aware, there are many opportunists around us, making it truly difficult, to identify one’s aim or objective. As a result, appreciation with a smile, is classified as flattery, or even, an act of trying to penetrate, or be penetrated by someone. 

The term slut is often tossed around, to an extent that it is slowly losing meaning. Definitions I found, pertaining to sultriness or sluts, are generally related to sexuality. Let us not forget a crucial aspect of survival for the fittest, which absolutely has to do with sexuality, rather than strength, as perceived by many. With that simple biological fact in mind, an individual perceived as a slut, basically stands higher chances of surviving, compared to society’s morally upright individual.

It is a good thing for one to dress slutty, as one gets to show off what the other can work with, or work around. Yes, I know it’s terrible, but it is a reality. There is absolutely no way one can truly get physically attracted to someone, without at least having a glance of their general physical structure. Shallow as that sounds, it is the truth which rolls off minds of many. Worry less, I know all about it: imagination takes one places, but it also creates false expectations, impressions, and it is time wasting.

Time has rolled through space, as I come to appreciate, and consider the term slut as a compliment. It is not an easy thing for one to present themselves in a sexual way to a public, without experiencing awkwardness within. It all takes time, as one needs to be patient. One deserves to slowly transition into sultriness, as a way of obtaining stability. There should be no shame felt by a someone, who basically wants to be perceived as being sexy, or occasionally takes part in activities which involve arousal bodily fluids. Furthermore, one who is pronounced to be a slut, should be proud of themselves, accompanied with a pat on their back. This is because many individuals are burying themselves on screens with passive entertainment. For one to be called a slut, it is an indication that they usually get some, thus having a constant glow on their face.

Be proud my dear, anytime you are called or referred to as a damn slut; just keep whoring.

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