Wronged Brains

Following last week’s blog post of Forgotten Names, I got a thinking of what happens when a someone, who is deeply penetrating another, or being penetrated, calls the other, a wrong name? What would you really do? Could it be simply one of those moments to cut one’s losses and run? Or brave up enough, grab decisions by tits and face up to the damn consequences? It is a very unpleasant and awkward situation to be in. Worry less my dear angel, you are not alone. Since here we are always screwing norms of society, and embracing awkwardness every minute that goes by, all is well, and all is fine. I offer you a few reasons, as to why it is alright, to call a someone a different name, during sex.

Starting with an obvious: Caught in the moment: Sexual moments are not only blazing with fun and extreme excitement, but they are also very thrilling. For a someone to fully enjoy sexual moments, they truly need to let themselves go, feel free and completely immerse themselves in that moment. However, someone letting themselves go freely, does at times have consequences. This could include one’s mind wondering off, and only to return with a different name.

Fantasy: Once in a while, but as a matter of fact, each one of us does have a celebrity, they most probably would like to have a great time with. It is difficult for some to believe, but it is an actual thing. It may not necessary be a celebrity as such, but a someone’s name, could always be hanging around, even in your subconscious.

Multi-tasking: To do lists, alongside with sticky notes are reigning lives of many, to ensure survival. Mentioned name of someone could be individual to be met on a next day, for perhaps an amazing opportunity, for a breakthrough in a shitty life.

Previous encounters: Come on, we all have a past. In this interconnecting twenty-first century, it is very difficult to find a dear someone, with a truly clean slit. Our past at times crawls up into our current lives, and this time, it could be a name.

Sudden adrenaline rush: Fear, panic and the list goes on, could cause unintentional vocal code vibrations, accompanied with a sexed-up mind, springing up a random name, as a byproduct.

Divided mind: The human mind is a very strange thing, although some claim that it is the human genitals which are strangest. It comes as no surprise, when the two: mind and genitals collide; only chaos is expected.

Complex name: I am okay with creativity, in fact, I love and greatly adore creativity. However, I am absolutely fed up of these damn generic, human given names. Not only are most of these names difficult to pronounce and remember, these names, are very annoying and disturbing. Substituting a generic hard to remember name with another name which woahs the moment, is a genius move.

Lovely name: Since childhood, I am obsessed with the name Sheila. I am not quite sure as to why, but it just sounds sexy and cool. Perhaps it may have been in one of the songs I constantly listened to while growing up. And I have a feeling, during some sexual moment, Sheila will accidentally spring out of my mouth.

Next of interacting: In most cases, each one of us has a someone they usually interact with. This someone is always around, comforting, and great looking. This someone’s name is often chanted out with jolliness. Sadly, there are demented reasons, most probably based on society norms, as to why this relationship, could never work out, within those individuals.

Slip of a tongue: Sounds lame, but it truly does happen.

Buckle up my dear, whether you are the caller or the callee of a wrong name, let it not ruin the amazing sexual moment, but keep enjoying each other’s body and company.

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