Heterosexual Chaos

Decided Entrapment

Bound by norms of society,
I craved a deviant path of randomness
Only to be wholeheartedly consoled,
By weirdness and awkwardness
Vibrating through,
A flawlessly perfected physique
Decisions I made, due to resulting fear
Trapped destined energies, I ventured in
I was a drowning bug
I kept breathing, my hourglass tilted
I was rescued by a lesbian gynecologist
So much we shared
Very little we knew about each other
We connected physically and emotionally
Cradling inner strengths
Enabling our thinking through a box
Which yielded haling beginnings
Only those who had sex,
In a hemlock water dropwort, survived
All that had to be done, was to exploit,
A forgotten inner most subconscious.

Preface of my second ebook, Available at your favorite online store and library.

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