Ricocheting Regrets

Sadness in My Positivity

Sadness struck, positivity and joy, I delightfully chanted
Enough was enough, fate sprung, swinging my soul
On an enchanted scarecrow, owned by forefathers of time
Misery, sorrow, and darkness; I blocked out of life
For more than two decades: escalated and converged
Shattering a wall, I built with schools of different thoughts
A healing power of walking away, I once knew of
Echoed through cries, trapped and buried at a distance
Comforting foremothers of nature, were on a vacation
For so long, I was stuck in-between: a past and a future
A bad joke, with already ran out luck, I was
I thought, I controlled my destiny,
But I never planned for fate
Self-pity of regrets, I twiddled to places for years
Violently ricocheted, through revolving sadness
Tangled in tormented positivity, I claimed to own.

Preface of a Poetic Short Stories ebook: Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Grab a copy

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