Forgotten Names

It comes as no surprise, when you run into a someone who clearly remembers who the hell you are, but nothing clicks in your brain, as to whether you have ever seen them before. In such a situation, some start to quake, wondering what the heavens they should do next. A bad feeling of being a horrible person springs up from within, as some start to get apologetic. Shit does happen, when the other individual clearly remembers who you are, personal details, and most importantly, that first time you both met. Worry less my dear, let us not forget about this twenty-first century which is flooded with social media platforms, where even stalkers get one’s details on line.

Fun fact, I once, okay twice, messed up with three individuals, whom I claimed to know very clearly. I jumped straight into their faces with extreme excitement, as I gave them lovely warm hugs. Phrases such as how it is great to see them again, been a long time, and complaining about how bad my lunch was, were a good start. Interaction was enhanced by it being lunch hours on a weekend, thus they were not in a damn hurry. I most definitely had all their full attention, since we soon dived into an intense conversation. Thanks, be to globalization of the human species, in which humans travel and interact “freely”, in differing environments.

For those random interactions with strangers, it was one of those days, when I got stuck up trying to solve a task. I was super exhausted and sleepy, yet I needed to finish working on a research project. I needed some strange new motivation, to help I find new ways, to solve tasks at hand. Crap dives right in, but it was a great moment, as strangers seemed happy to see I. These strangers I pretended and claimed to know, clearly possessed fake smiles and laughs, filled with curiosity, as they tried to remember, who I am.

Other situations happen when someone knows you based on another individual. On several occasions, I met individuals who knew I, but I didn’t know them. Since I had ever played pretend, I straight asked them how they know I. Some confessed that it was a friend who told them about some weird, strange, charming and friendly guy, whom they just couldn’t wait to meet. I know, asking someone how they know you sounds impolite, but it does stop a lot of awkwardness from happening. As a matter of fact, you my dear should never feel bad, for not remembering someone’s name, as it may all be a complete hoax. Even though you clearly remember having seen them before, or know them, but the details are blurry, simply ask. You could be polite by making it a request, as you toss them a simple smile. This is way better than getting stuck in one’s mind, trying to remember the other’s name. Fun fact, it could be that they remember who you are, but they don’t really know you. However, better it not be that you forget one’s name, during or after penetration.

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