Roamed Struggles: 6 0f 6

The night was coming to an end
I had to decide fast,
Whose bosoms,
My head was to rest on, before dawn
I was trapped in my decisions
Revolving in my head
Based on facts I knew, and my actions
I wondered, as to how much chaos,
Would result, if I let free,
Abandoning my endless desire
Letting her, lead my way again?
I had no idea, of what she thought of
Either way, I couldn’t wait to find out
May be, I would also pick an interest,
In knowing her better,
As well as knowing her name
A last call was made,
Accompanied with slow rhythms
I freed her butt, and held her hands
Staring into her eyes, they were blank
The night was ending, dawn slowly surfaced
Though our bodies were already in contact,
She pulled I closer, penetrating my body
I wouldn’t resist
At the end of it, I wondered:
If we were to walk out, of that place together?
If yes: Where would we head to?
Her residence?
Or a shithole of a place, I call a home?

Tapped from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Enjoy it in electronic and audio formats from your favorite store or library. All Rights Reserved.

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