Denied Sex on First Date

A new struggle always waits, most especially since a new year is still trending into lives of many. A few brave souls have taken it upon themselves, to start working on their new year’s resolutions, as well as bucket lists. A few of these bucket lists have been buried beneath carpets of many, for a good couple of years. It does so happen that improving one’s relationships and sex life is on lists of many. Another interesting aspect of new beginnings is having sex on a first date. Minus being under an influence of drugs and/or alcohol, it is not an easy thing to have sex with a someone on a first date. This makes an aspect of having sex on a first date, to be a challenge, making it qualify as an item, on one’s bucket list. However, no matter how great a date one plans, one is never truly sure, whether they will get lucky on a first date.

Shit trolls towards awkwardness, as the well-planned date trends towards the end. Sexual hints are dropped continuously, but no appropriate responses are received. Tension of all kinds starts building up with in date participants, as one starts questioning themselves, and wonders whether the date was worth it? It is no surprise, I am aware, it is never a good feeling, neither an amazing environment to be in, when sexual hints are dropped, and no response is perceived. During such a situation, one may also start questioning their judgement, in every aspect that follows. Oh, you poor thing, worry less, as an ultimate question is wedged: What’s the worst that could happen? It sounds obvious that the worst could be the other individual one was interested in, becomes not interested in talking to the other for the rest of their life accompanied with filing for a restraining order. Shit!

On a side note, shout outs be to globalization of the human species, as well as a trending trail of screwing cultural and social norms. An attempt of having sex with someone on a first date, is no longer really a big it, as it used to be in a past. Many people are aware that bodies we own, are meant to be utilized to the fullest. Furthermore, some are now substituting their routine workouts with sex. All these put together, they are greatly cutting down on resulting level of awkwardness, which may be experienced, when one is denied sex on a first date.

Claims such as: being on one’s period; a need to get up early; sex fasting, recapturing past emotions; getting over an ex; and the fucken list rolls on, come in handy. One may not simply be ready, or afraid to do it, say after a long time, thus a need for personal preparations. The first date could have been a sudden one, thus a someone never had enough time, to prepare themselves, into penetrating someone, or being penetrated.

As a matter of fact, there shouldn’t be any level of awkwardness, when one is denied sex on a first date. Such a moment of denial, should be considered as an opportunity, for the deniee, to top up their A game. One’s expectations may have also been too high, yet it is always a good thing, to keep relations with a little mystery in them. Also, many years of psychological damage are prevented, in case the sex doesn’t go all that well. Questions such as: Do they like me for me? Or just for sex? Was I impressive? Where the hell do we head to from here? What the fuck should I do next? Do I stay the night/day? Or go back to my hellhole of a place I call home? And you my sweet dear angel, the list goes on; are prevented. Brace yourself my dear, as you keep rocking and celebrating, having been denied sex on a first date, for many great interactions wait.

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