Hailed Resolutions

Well, well my sweet little angels, a fucken branded new year has already begun cruising the horizon. It is clear now, that the Great Mayans indeed screwed up. Let us not give them much crap, as I am sure, I screw up regularly. If in doubt, you haven’t yet read enough of my blog posts. Better dive in deeper, you will most definitely realize: Joseph is way more screwed than the way Mayans are envisioned. Any who, dialing back to the fucken branded new year, there is always a constant urge of wanting to appear cool. This is often depicted in having a superb new year’s resolution list. Items of this superb list range from traveling, adventuring and exploring. Worry less, what you have in mind somehow falls under those three damn categories. In case it doesn’t, leave it in the comments below.

However, much as a dear someone may think of having a cool new year’s resolution list, it is no surprise, neither a big deal, to turn up with a blank mind. Shit often escalates, whenever a someone asks you about your new year’s resolutions. Such a moment is very pivotal, as the askee, tends to possess a constant urge and intense feeling, of wanting to punch the asker, straight in the neck. Don’t take I wrong, neither the possible offender: It is not solely because I or them, are violent individuals or already pissed off creatures, but, it is all truly due to pressure of this mystical list. Time loops through space, when heavenly hell breaks loose, as a someone struggles to make a fucken new year’s resolution list.

One may claim that it has only been this year, that they failed to make a new year’s resolution list. Oh please, cut the crap, you have been doing that shit over the years. Yes, I am referring to that thing where you keep telling the rest of the world that you are still working on the new year’s resolution list, yet your brains are blank as crap. No, wait, that doesn’t sound right, because crap is…  but the thing is, this time, it truly all went down, further and further. It being a damn new year, heavens celebrate with hell, as they stare bad shit crazy over your damn pretty face, with nothing like a resolution in your mind. It is never a good feeling. Worry less sweetie, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, why the duck should there be new year’s resolutions?

It is good to be focused with a vision, but over the years, I have learnt a lot about life. As a matter of fact, stressing over shit which is close to impossible, is a total time wastage. The sun will always rise and set from the same direction you watched it. In summing it up well for a majority, there is no need to stress over making a new year’s resolution list, yet by the time the year ends, you have accomplished nothing. Alright, if you really want to make a new year’s resolution list, simply add on one item. One shouldn’t feel it as being a must, to make a damn new year’s resolution list. Thus, cut the crap, and keep the fun wheel blazing.

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