Explicit Sexual Scenes

It is in rare instances that a someone feels comfortable sharing their personal computer with a someone else. In most cases, whenever a someone asks for another to assist them with a laptop, a question of what do you want to do follows. In case a reply of I want to check the internet is uttered, the owner resorts to immediate clearing of their search and browsing history. This is accompanied with taking another, and another look at their desktop. At the moment, I have not yet come across anyone, who immediately hands over their laptop, upon request. However, it is very entertaining, finding out what others have on their displaying electronics. Individuals’ internet search history, take it to a whole new level of foreplay, as a lot of “embarrassing” stuff can be found there. This often leads to some good level of awkwardness among parties involved.

Ruffling through minds of many, an extreme level of awkwardness results, when porn is spotted on a someone’s electronic device. Situation could easily escalate if it is a dear significant other, or lovely family member. Personally, I never save porn on my desktop. Also, it is difficult for a someone to spot or find porn, on my electronics, unless I want them to. This is not because I am afraid of someone spotting it, but it is mainly because, I do not want to lose my porn, in case of system failure. Yes, you read that right: it is my damn porn. This entitles I to keep it in a secure location on a partitioned hard drive, where I know I can be able to recover it. Taking a step further, a two terabyte external hard drive for backing up, has so far proven to be super useful. I am thinking of trying out these online based storage services for backups, but I am afraid of limited access to my porn, in case I travel to a region with limited or no internet access.

When accessing porn online, I demand for an internet service provider running at least at a fourth generation speed. In case it is impossible to achieve this speed, there is always an option of buffering first, better yet: downloading. If this is still impossible, for heaven’s sake, visit your damn nearest adult entertainment outlet, for an immediate quick fix.

Since I have been Uplifted by Porn,with a dream of dating an adult entertainer, I feel no shame in admitting to watching of porn, despite of demented controversy surrounding the porn industry. It comes as no surprise, since many societies are still ashamed, shy and feel awkward, whenever anything relating to sex springs up. To clarify, a someone shouldn’t feel shy while watching porn, or have to lock themselves up in extreme secrecy, so as to enjoy some explicit sexual scenes. Pride and pleasure have to be of the essence, while dealing away with resulting awkwardness, when porn is found on your device. Of course, this goes for individuals who are at least the legal porn watching age, which is sadly based on one’s society. One shouldn’t feel obligated to offer a thorough explanation, as to why in the bloody heavens, they have porn on their device.

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