Lesbian Challenge: 7 of 8

At the end of it all,
My body felt sticky, I remembered
We never specified contents of the body shots
The only thing I hoped for, was the stickiness,
To be as a result of her drying fluids
I couldn’t tell, neither was I allowed to taste
Tightly blindfolded, I still was
Causing a rising thrill of panic, with,
Trending unawareness of my surroundings
Creating a sensational fear of pleasure,
Only experienced, at that particular moment
I knew, everything was under control
She wasn’t a wild cat
Following a generalized,
And analyzed physical outlook,
I precisely and accurately came up with
After taking a good observation, at her bosoms
Later on I discovered,
I was covered in pink glitter
Not sure where it exactly came from
Probably a mysterious happy enclosure
Fair enough, it was worth it
In my mind, I still experienced,
A feeling of her supposed to be ‘arm’
A winner, I felt

Tapped from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Enjoy it in electronic and audio formats from your favorite store or library. All Rights Reserved.

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