Busting a Nut

Come on, seriously: who has never played with themselves in a shower or bath? Better yet, tried fingering themselves deeply? And oh please, pipe the hell down: I am not trying to be a sexist. Thanks be to all sexual awareness groups, which are sensitizing many screwed and messed up minds, locked in old tradition believes, about this thing called gender fluidity. In simple terms, all I am jumbling to say is that, fingering now days is applicable to anyone regardless of gender or being genderless. Although I am considering nowadays, I have a thinking: fingering did too apply to all, even in medieval ages. Sadly, records of medieval ages are sketchy, especially those concerning sexuality. Since rising sexuality is a part of survival for the fittest, it creates a need, for one to first discover who truly they are, before they go forth to masturbate.

In my screwed upstairs, that is not how I initially thought of ending that line. Somehow, it clearly drives us to the awkwardness which arises when one is trying to discover their own sexuality, before they go forth on an adventure to explore. It doesn’t matter who, how old they are, or their marital status; there is that feeling of guilt which creates a state of awkwardness when one is found masturbating. It is no longer a secret for I, since I already declared it to a rest of the world, benefits I have obtained from masturbating. It is not a closed chapter on sexual awakening, thus we as humans need to embrace and accept it, that it is a good thing to masturbate, and it shouldn’t be shied away from.

Some strange minds, encapsulated in form of religionists, pro-lifists and self-proclaimed moralists greatly criticize masturbating. I am never behind these individuals closed doors or curtains, nor have I ever installed a secret live stream camera in their bedrooms, but am pretty damn sure, they at least bust a nut, once in a while. By the way, I see no reason as to why we go a step further, to use strange coined words or phrases, hiding what we truly intend to mean, as a way of avoiding awkwardness of saying the word: MASTURBATING. Given insightful wisdom of masturbating, there shouldn’t be any form of awkwardness which results, when one is found in the act. As a matter of fact, words of flattery and arousing should be offered unto a someone, trying to get their sexual fix in. Great shout outs go to those involved in sexual equipment and adult entertainment industries. These amazing individuals are greatly favoring and easing on masturbating. Furthermore, one should never at any single moment of their life, feel awkward, when buying, or carrying around, masturbating stuff.

Halt for a moment; although my boundaries for sexual morality of adults are very blurry, and I encourage individuals on a regular basis to stop creating unseen awkward moments when found masturbating, I do not expect to find a someone dangling or swaying their genitals out on a busy public road, on a Monday afternoon, busting a nut. Also, a very important and crucial aspect of life to note: one should never at any single moment of their life feel pressured into masturbating. Other than that, keep rocking your stuff like hell.

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