Lesbian Challenge: 6 of 8

Imagination, was shoved below ground
Touching sensations, over ruled
Luckily enough,
My hands were already super cold
I was allowed an increased surface area,
Of touch,
As a way of making I feel less competent
I knew I wouldn’t win
She had two advantages over I
An excuse was to be cowardly used
I could not outrageously let it lead the way
Diversion, was a life time buddy,
Conveyed to places, I expected any encounter
No resulting damage, was to surface
Everything, I deliberately controlled
Time for stalling was over
I volunteered to go first, it was a mistake
She never mentioned;
As a hobby, she was a prop comic
My beloved delicate body, was her object of choice
Offered to be exploited, with body shots
In return, I was allowed to hold her arm
For as long as I wished,
Staggering through a dark storage basement
Looking for my thoughts
I held unto something, it never felt like an arm
She should have suggested,
Holding her hand instead
Misuse of terms, came with a cost
Human anatomy,
I expected her to be thorough in
It wasn’t by mistake:
I decided to skip her arm,
By decision, it happened
In that way, I could not be trapped
In my defense, a well thought-out excuse
Waited in a back of my mind
It was her idea, to have I, blindfolded

Tapped from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Enjoy it in electronic and audio formats from your favorite store or library. All Rights Reserved.

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