Lesbian Challenge: 5 of 8

Do not worry,
We never abandoned the other lady
She was our center of attention
A battle of the sexes, over her, occurred
Entertained and amused, she felt
Passionately squashed between my rival and I
Sadly, she was comfortable and smiley
Twisting her head back and forth, in suspense
I rehearsed earlier, in case it all went south
Sneaking through a bathroom window
Was to save my feelings
I never counted on losing the battle
Merely because, my lower appendage,
Kept short-circuiting
She looked all beautiful on the outside
I could not get out of her face
Even though, her face was a decoy
I had to find out, whether she shaved it all off
Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my hands
Ice cold water, was warmer
Settling it all, I suggested:
Playing a guess this body part game
Meant to be innocent, with perversion

Tapped from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Enjoy it in electronic and audio formats from your favorite store or library. All Rights Reserved.

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