A beauty of Gifting Condoms

Once proclaimed November rocks the streets on a trending wheel of spontaneity, celebrations and jubilations are on a rise. It does not matter who the bloody hell one is, or where in the fucked up heavens they hide, messed up days of celebrations are to be forcefully encountered. Sadly, a query always springs up, as to what to take and offer unto someone, if it is their day of celebration, or some silly occasion, that one got invited to. I always offer credit where it is due, thus appreciating time, money and extent one took, to make the celebration of an occasion happen. Since we are struggling towards globalization of the human species as a whole, stuff to take, or offer on an occasion as a gift or present, are getting easier. Furthermore, offered presents and gifts, which were previously opened in closed quarters, are now publicly opened, to be witnessed by others. However, nothing is more exciting, than opening a beautifully wrapped gift of condoms, in front of dear loved ones. Shit escalates, if individual opening pack of condoms, is an adult daughter, who was always known as, mommy and daddy’s little girl. It all becomes super interesting, when beautifully wrapped condoms came from an anonymous individual. At such celebrations, I should be invited.

Gift pile
Seriously, who wouldn’t be delighted upon receiving these?

We all love to receive free shit in form of offered presents. It perhaps has to do with this thing of wanting to be lazy, but still get stuff. It is also well known, that there are cases when individuals pick up free things from freebies, not because they need or like them, but simply because, these things are free. I remember a few weeks back, walking into an eye care center, for a sole purpose of wanting to find out prices, only to be offered some shitty lame sunglasses. I was holding a pair of sunglasses in my left, and I had an extra pair in my backpack: however, this never stopped I from accepting the extra offered sunglasses. But I am starting to think, it may have to do more with the lady offering out the sunglasses, who was hot smoking as hell, rather than the sunglasses.

Offering a someone condoms as a gift, isn’t a usual encounter, and is thus destined to raise suspicion, and unnecessarily rumors. Unfortunately, critics follow along, forgetting all about the beauty of having received a gift. Let us not also forget about time, courage and money spent, in obtaining such a spectacular gift. Placing resulting awkwardness of publicly opening a pack of condoms as a gift on a back banner, we have to remember, that it is the thought, which matters most. Also, offering a someone a gift of condoms, is a demented format of embracing sexuality, and reminding one to take good care of themselves.

A winding tiny piece of advice, when obtaining condoms for a gift, make it a variety pack, considering differing scenarios, as some individuals are allergic to latex. Mixing up sizes is a bonus, raising awareness of an adventurous lifestyle. Most importantly, an individual offering you condoms for a gift, is one of a kind, who not only simply likes you for who you are, but truly adores, cares, admires and embraces you fully.

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