Senior Citizen Rocking the Pole

Much as my boundaries for sexual morality are very blurry, there are situations which I am also like, okay, alright: I need a fucken minute to take it all in. I am a way huge fun of indecency, and I encourage many to take part in it on a daily basis. In my perturbed upstairs, as long as an individual is at least messed up society’s based adult age, I give them tremendous green lights of a fucken hell go ahead. Rather than criticizing individuals who make it their personal mission to expose bodies they own, we need to offer credit unto them. Seriously, it takes that much courage for one to sway their nude or almost nude body, especially with style and rhythm in a public. Thanks be to the arsehole who brought forth this thing called stripping. Furthermore, to the fucken genius who brought forth, senior citizen stripping.

Surprising random nights in a strip club can be very chaotic. These chaotic nights can escalate quickly into becoming very awkward. Basement strip club managers being dementedly screwed and amazing as I know them, they can easily drop on stage an unexpected senior citizen stripper, without any notice or displayed elderly caution lights. As a result, taking a front seat, for an expected better angle of view, becomes questionable within moments. One starts to debate as to whether they should scream out asking for more, or get tempted to throw senior citizen stripper off stage? However, I typing the latter made I a bit sick in the mouth. On second thought, it may actually be due to the food I had earlier.

Much as it may seem super awkward watching senior citizens shaking and trying to break it down low on stage, we deserve to offer them rounds of applauds. One shouldn’t be all up in their brains, wondering what the hell they should do? Pssh, that is an easy one: just open your screwed eyes wider and take it all in. Not only does this raise one’s alertness, but senior citizen strippers provide hope, that despite of advancing age, sexuality is purely maintained. And besides, bodies we own, are meant to be exposed and used to the fullest. Not forgetting about tremendous courage, it takes a senior citizen to step up on stage, especially if they have a series of grandchildren in a back of their mind. One should appreciate these citizens and offer them maximum respect, rather than creating awkward moments, when a senior citizen strips towards them. By the way, these citizens are also getting some pretty good exercising in, which is obviously good for their health.

Given all occurrences deemed to occur in a strip club, great shout outs go to senior citizen strippers. I encourage them to keep doing what they fucken do, and perhaps inspire their colleagues to jump in. I am aware, that embracing reality blended with awkwardness on a regular basis is a rare trait. However, as humans, we deserve to pipe the hell down, and stop tarnishing amazing life moments and aspects, into a serial string of awkwardness. In fact, senior citizen strippers deserve to be highly honored, as a way of making them feel that they truly belong. To all senior citizen strippers: Keep rocking that damn pole like fucken hell.

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