Screwing Your Boss

I most definitely wouldn’t think of a better way to kick start off this amazing to be blog, than with occurrences which occur, when one is literally screwing, or being screwed by their boss. Great thanks be to an amazing and trailing trend of gender being fluid, as screwing now swings either way. Like many encounters, it all starts out very innocently in a blazing theme of happiness. Rocking fun accompanies many late nights out. We all know how the whole shitty story rolls. And as usual, reality is placed on a back banner, and the truth is rarely thought of, during those moments. The best of the best moment is later deemed to happen. This later moment, happens to be my favorite of all.

On several accounts, I am known to be awkward and weird. However, over the years, I have learnt to accept a commonly denied fact, that I am I. This provides I with room and liberty, of never having to pretend, to blend in. All I have resorted to, is to embrace vibes of awkwardness and weirdness, which groove off I daily. Fortunately, not many are aware of how much fun I have, which I suck out of awkwardness and weirdness, ravished within I. Shyness and uncomfortable situations are no issue, as I strive to turn them into better interesting moments. In this case, interesting refers to the cool sensational inner most merry joy, which slowly escapes to the outside, commonly observed as a devilish smile.

Swaying back unto this week’s post, suddenly gaining an attractive consciousness towards your boss, is a bonus. This somehow makes up for crappy situations, deemed to occur in a work place. I love it when one gets to physically click and connect with their boss intimately, better yet, if no fucked-up emotions are involved. Tremendous awkwardness blended with a cool shift in power are expected, as the truth is yet to be revealed. Sadly, this is where many go wrong, to an extend of quitting or getting fired. Let us all hash tag that and pipe the living hell down, as it is all just another life experience.

Accepting who we are, that as humans, we are bound by a sexual code of wanting to screw up crap we encounter, does come in handy. Many forget all about it, and only focus on wanting to complicate shit, more than the way it is: stop complicating shit. Screwing which involves your boss, is an added accomplishment, as personal space boundaries are broken. Openness and free communicating plus interacting, are expected to result, since fear between you and boss, is diminished. In my demented thinking and reasoning, I know that good communicating is a crucial aspect, in a work place. Seriously, who doesn’t wish to work in a place, where they can freely express themselves?

Cut the crap, and accept the fact that you are having blazing fun with your boss, accompanied with perhaps all favors and promotions received, or yet to come. This sounds as one being opportunistic, but hey, why the hell not enjoy it? Let us not forget about the “look”, which will be given to you by your co-workers. Worry less, they are simply jealous, and only wishing it to be them. However, this does not necessarily mean that you become a total trailing shithead, since you know your fucked up boss very well.

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